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Immune therapy based on helminthic therapy can be hard to understand, and harder to take seriously when one first learns about it. Many who are now better because of it reacted the same way when they first heard about it, too.

To help our clients and those considering helminthic therapy we offer two forums, one private and one public. To access the private forum, even to read the posts, one must be a client, or caregiver of a client, of Autoimmune Therapies. If you are a client of ours and do not have an account and would like one please contact us and we will set it up or you. It is not possible to register from the forum home page.

The private, clients-only forum is here.

The public forum is available on Yahoo Groups here. Membership is open, but it is moderated to prevent spam. To post you must have a membership, but you can read the posts without joining. Membership offers access to downloadable science, links, etc.


There is also a neutral well moderated Facebook group here, as well as our Facebook page here. You can read our founders blog, which includes a post on reading science for the layperson, some success stories, and some basic information and links about helminthic therapy, here.


We do not currently produce a newsletter due to issues with email, spam, etc.