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We find that the best way to answer your questions is to speak by telephone, after you have read our documentation and understand the basics. It must also be noted that Helminthic Therapy requires your active involvement, it is administered by the client, and given the distances involved it is imcumbent on you to take an active role in managing your use of helminthic therapy. It is not fire and forget and requires vigilance and active management, and frequent communication with us for advice.

So we recommend that you read this site and especially the page or pages regarding your disease. Note that anaphylaxis could accurately be described as a very rapid and severe allergic reaction, so sufferers of either benefit from reading the page devoted to the other. Crohn's and Colits have overlap in how therapy is applied, etc. It is never a bad thing to know too much, so we encourage you to read the entire site.

Please also read about the hygiene hypothesis so you have some context, it all started there. A search of a medical research database like PubMed (published by the US Federal Government's' National Institutes of Health - thank you very much to the USA for that) to find the latest research on this subject is also helpful.

You may also be interested in our founder's' blog which contains background information, links, as well as descriptions of what to be aware of, personal accounts, etc. He has also written an article about how to find and interpret academic papers, like those found on the PubMed site above, for the lay person.

There are also many forums and groups devoted to this topic, on Yahoo Facebook. Others no doubt exist but those two are the most unbiased we are aware of, but others exist.

Getting answers to your questions

We want to be helpful, but most questions are impossible to answer without the information provided by a completed questionnaire.

You can most easily send us the answers we need in order to answer your questions using our online questionnaire.

If you prefer you can download and complete the Questionnaire available here, and send it to us via email as described below.


If you download a questionnaire please send it and any comments or questions to:
Contact us regarding worm therapy, or helminthic therapy at this email address.

Because of spam, spam filters, etc., by far the most reliable method is to use the online form of our questionnaire. If you have to send it via email please include "Regarding Helminthic Therapy" in the subject line; it helps mail get through our spam filters. If you have not heard back from us in one business day please call one of the numbers below, or use Skype.

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