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News Related to Helminthic Therapy or the Hygiene Hypothesis

NPR: RadioLab: RadioLb Segment on Parasites with interview of Jasper Lawrence.

Australian Broadcasting Company News: Article and Podcast regarding research in Australia into the treatment of Celiac disease with hookworms.

MedPod 101: Helminthic Therapy for Autoimmune Disease Interview with Jasper Lawrence, aimed at the professional healthcare worker, from med students, nurses, nurse practioners, doctors, specialists and researchers. Technical and dense. Look for the podcast titled "Helminthic Therapy for Autoimmune Disease".

Mercola: Take Control of Your Health How Parasites Trick Your Immune System Into Health

CBS News, Part II: Patients On Hookworm Therapy Swear By Treatment

CBS News, Part I: Some Turn To Hookworms To Treat Ailments

New York Times: The Worms Crawl In

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Project X: Immunotherapy using helminth infection with hookworms or whipworms

New York Times: IDEA LAB; The Worm Turns

New York Times: Early Fevers May Lower Allergy Risk

National Health Service Choices: Are worms key to health?

Infection Research: Parasites and the hygiene hypothesis

The Daily Telegraph (UK): Infecting patients with worms 'could hold key to treating asthma'

Washington Post: Diseases Like Mine Are a Growing Hazard

Scienceline: Why are food allergies on the rise?

Washington Post: Immune Systems Increasingly On Attack

EBiology News: Blood-sucking hookworms may harbour asthma cure

The Boston Globe: His parasite theory stirs a revolution

BBC: Parasites 'may help MS patients'

BNet: Why We Need Germs

Guardian Online: Scientists recruit worms for fight against asthma

AsthmaUK: Gut parasites linked to reduced asthma risk

Science Daily: Could Stem Cells Be Used To Cure Crohn's Disease?

Tufts University: The Good Worms

Science Daily: Parasite Infection May Benefit Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Yahoo Support Group for Helminthic Therapy

For other accounts of client experiences, and to ask questions of our clients directly, vist the publich Yahoo Group "helminthictherapy". Some clients, a minority, are willing to speak by telephone or email, although you should conduct these conversations through private email or 'phone conversation after arranging it on the board. Privacy is a primary concern of AIT and of our clients.

You can browse the group by clicking title="Helminthic therapy group" target="_blank">here. Membership is open but posts and the group can be browsed without membership, but posts are moderated to prevent spam.