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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We don't like spam, or people we don't know knowing things about us. We value our privacy. We assume that you are just the same. Our privacy policy and behavior towards your personal private information is informed by that attitude. For that reason we will never share any of your personal or private information with a third party without your prior knowledge and consent, except as required by court order or subpoena.

We will only contact you as required to assure your health or as part of your use of helminthic therapy. We will also contact you to gather information about your progress and reaction to treatment, however your participation in surveys of this type is entirely voluntary and if you do not want to participate can opt-out at any time. We will also contact you to inform you of any important new information we develop that could have an impact on your use of the therapy, including the acquisition or development of new methods or organisms. The objective of any and all communication with you will be to improve the level of service and therapeutic benefit we are able to offer you and other clients. Please bear in mind that if you elect to not be contacted that we will have no way of informing you of important information that could affect your health or use of health care.

Beyond that this site runs on a web server and we use various software applications and services, like Google Analytics, to track site usage so that we can improve the site performance. Some of these services or applications depend upon the web server placing a snippet of text (a "cookie") on your computer. This cookie will store information about you that makes your use of our site easier, for instance if you elect to automatically log-in to our private clients-only forum that information will be storied in our site cookie. Cookies are a standard web technology commonly used on most web sites for these purposes. You can view your cookies by accessing your browser preferences. Most browsers allow you to view a list of cookies on your computer and details about them, such as which URL they are associated with. You can also delete these cookies at any time. The information gathered by these types of applications and services are things like your browser version, operating system, ip address, etc. Additionally if you purchase therapy from us our cart software and credit card processing service will gather personal details required to process your payment and to allow us to deliver your purchase. All such information, and the purchase transaction, is encrypted using 256-bit SSL security certificate provided by Geo Trust. This ensures that the information passed back and forth by you and our cart software is protected by encryption and cannot be read by anyone intercepting or snooping on the information you submit to us. This is the highest level of encryption available commercially, but of course that is no guarantee that in the future some hacker will not work out a novel way of circumventing this standard security method.

We do store your name and contact information with details of your purchase, but this information is kept in an encrypted and password protected area of our server which we periodically purge.

Any medical information you share with us will also be kept private and confidential, and is stored using 256-bit AES encryption, and will only be used, with your prior knowledge and permission, to help guide your treatment and selection of the treatment method best for you. This information is kept locally on password protected computers in encrypted directories that are by current standards, to the best of our knowledge, unreadable even if our computers are stolen.

As technology develops we will evaluate and may implement improved methods, all with the aim of improving security and the protection of your personal, private information. Our policy will be updated from time-to-time to reflect these changes and as we adapt our policy to circumstance.