Helminthic Therapy Evaluation Questionnaire

This Questionnaire is fundamental to determining if you are a candidate for Helminthic Therapy, and for providing us the information we need to determine which organism or organisms are required, in what quantities and how frequently, in your case. While it is rare that someone is unique in how we have to treat them, there are a large number of "types", and the process of working out which of the many you are starts here.

So your answers are all important, there are no superfluous questions here, and truth even when uncomfortable is important. Upon completion you will be taken to a landing page, and sent an autoresponder (a machine generated email). It is VERY important that you read both. Please do not just click away from the landing page, or ignore the email. Both contain important information about what you need to do to prepare for the telephone interview, access important documentation, and schedule a call with us.