Terms & Conditions

Autoimmune Therapies, (referred hereafter as AIT), offers helminthic therapy as an experimental treatment for the signs and symptoms of autoimmune disorders, allergies and inflammatory based disorders. This therapy is still undergoing clinical trials and currently does not have FDA, EMEA, MHRA or similar organizational approval or monitoring.

By purchasing and using helminthic therapy from AIT you accept that the risks, side effects and benefits associated with this therapy have not been fully defined. Furthermore, by proceeding with the therapy you accept that there is an undefined risk for the development of unwanted and or unexpected side effects.

By purchasing any product, probiotic or organism from AIT and deliberately infecting yourself with these products, probiotics and organisms, you are doing so with the understanding that as with any other medical procedure, there is a risk for the development of unwanted side effects and unforeseen consequences to your health. With this knowledge, you can only purchase therapeutic products from AIT by accepting complete responsibility for any unwanted financial or health consequences that may affect yourself, your friends, family and loved ones arising out of your decision to try this therapy. Except in cases of negligence by AIT, all consequences of self inoculation with probiotics and helminths are entirely your responsibility.

Your rights and responsibilities are described in detail in our Client Agreement, and include reading all documentation provided to you, and continuing to ensure you are in possession of the latest versions of all documentation and familiar with their contents.

As this is an experimental therapy, it is not possible for your doctor to offer or recommend it, or for an insurance company to pay for it, though you may be able to use tax sheltered medical accounts to pay for it. However, your doctor is able to support and provide health care for you following inoculation with helminths, and finding a good and open-minded doctor to work with you is highly recommended. Your health depends upon your doctor being aware of every factor that may influence your health and their decisions regarding your care.

Prior to purchase you will also have to provide a completed medical questionnaire and undergo a screening interview. Failure to disclose to AIT any relevant information will invalidate any agreement or responsibility AIT has with regard to your use of our therapies, deception is not tolerated and will result in the termination of your agreement with us without refund.

All information provided by yourself to AIT is treated as private and confidential. No information given to AIT is disclosed to a third party, except as required to by court order or with your prior written consent. We require the same courtesy of you in return for our documentation and methods, only privileged communication with your doctor is exempt from this requirement.

Only those people who meet our eligibility criteria will be sold therapy, at AIT's sole discretion, and our decision is final.

If you have any questions please visit our contact page.

The process of buying helminthic therapy is described on our How to Purchase Helminthic Therapy page.