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What we do

A Very Private Forum

Your health can be hard to discuss in public: Helminthic Therapy Limited provides the only completely private forum for people who use helminthic therapy to discuss their experiences and to do so in a moderated, respectful environment.

One filled with questions and answers asked in the past, and combed from public sources and curated.

Why privacy matters: If you live in any jurisdiction where health care is obtained through private insurance pre existing conditions can be cause to exclued you from coverage. 

Similarly if you are responsible for the health of other family members you have a duty to protect their privacy.

There are many reasons to not want to discuss your health on Facebook.

Below are the options we offer for access to our Helminthic Therapy Forum.

One Month

Just want to read our library and ask a few questions? This option provides access to our library of questions and answers as well as providing you the option to ask any questions you have.


If you want a longer term subscription and want the flexibility of monthly payments without a contract this is the option. Cancel at any time before the anniversary date and you will not be billed again.


If you want a longer term subscription and to save some money you can choose to pay quarterly for forum access.


Book an hour of support time with written summary of our discussion by email.